164 days is an attempt at learning to draw a comic by drawing one. It involves airships and family problems.

Age-wise the comic should be rated somewhere between a 12 and a 15, but most of it is pretty harmless.

According to current estimates the comic may run to 800-1000 pages, so prepare for a long, character driven story. Now updating once a week on Mondays.

The world is loosely based on a Steampunk/Late Victorian innovation period, where science and invention are highly prized, and airships are still a primary mode of travel (mostly because of Weather Witches). Trains exist but cars are not widely used.


Hello, my name is Kirsty, I’m a freelance illustrator and bookseller, and I like to draw and write anything character driven. I also like to read ALL OF THE BOOKS, cook/bake (cakes, cookies, bread, lasagne) and try to adopt other peoples’ cats. After about 7 years of mooning around after webcomics I finally sucked it up and just MADE one. Errors are expected but will be improved upon.


2D and 3D animation, steampunk, Victoriana,  authors including Robert Jordan, Eoin Colfer, Jonathan Stroud and Philip Reeve, Dr Who, Sherlock Holmes (and his various recent adaptations), and obviously comics both online and off.