Characters will be added as they appear.

jakobport2 Jakob Andersen (24) is the oldest of the two Andersen brothers. He’s ‘proven to be good at everything’, although he doesn’t seem to like to specialise. He likes to tinker with things and improve them, and also eat ice cream.
Wil Andersen (18) is the younger of the brothers and consequently in Jakob’s shadow, although he doesn’t mind as much as he might because his brother has always looked out for him. Wil is unsure what exactly he’s good at in life; despite being intelligent enough to study at the University, Science isn’t where his interests lie.
 Ysendra (20) is a Weather Witch with an attitude problem and a bias against ‘Science Boys’. Despite this, she’s helping Wil deal with finding his brother. She doesn’t like talking about herself.
   Maria Andersen (46) is the mother of both Wil and Jakob. A caring mother and devoted wife, she holds the family together.
  Varik (?) was asked by Mrs Andersen to help her son on his quest to find Jakob. Not much is known about him except that he comes from the desert area of the world, and is probably more mature than the rest of the crew put together.
 sophiaport Sophia (?) is a little girl found by Wil and his crew on his search for Jakob. She likes Wil, calling him her ‘big brother’. She seems to have lost her memory, and cannot recall anything about her family.
 dadport Professor James Andersen (51) is the absentee father of Jakob and Wil. You’re not allowed to know about his work, his motivations, or what he had for dinner.
 clarissa Clarissa (18) is a lifelong friend of Wil’s. She loves dancing, balls, nice dresses, and destroying anyone who might hurt her loved ones, should they ever so much as try. She’s also a talented biologist, and studies at the university.
Science is a catch-all term for any sort of innovation carried out by the majority of the population. It covers both what we would term science and also invention/design. The fashionable/ruling classes in this world have been replaced by Scientists who have made their money from their work, or investors whose choices have paid off.
Weather Witching/Magic is a skill only passed down in Weather Witch bloodlines. It allows manipulation of the weather, including wind, rain, and lightning by the user. Physically, a Weather Witch can be identified by their distinctive purple eye colour. While the skill has had varying uses over the centuries, currently most Weather Witches seek employment as pilots for trade ships.