Wil, you’re getting sassy. Just because Dad is behind bars!

TWC vote incentive is a sketch of Ryuko from Kill La Kill. The finished piece is on Tumblr.


—-reposting Patreon info in case you haven’t seen it yet below—

After much nagging I have started up a Patreon!

What the heck is that, I hear you cry? Well.

A Patreon is a little like Kickstarter. It allows readers like you to give money to creators.

Why would I give you my money? Will you stop the comic? WTF.

No, the comic remains free and nothing changes on the website.

What you do get is behind the scenes stuff, like original page sketches, bonus info and drawings. (Currently I am posting up the original page sketch with the original story prose, and bonus drawings)

Patreon is totally optional, it’s basically a tip jar where you get something in return!

Any questions I haven’t answered, ask below! Patreon is a pretty exciting way to support people, and there are a lot of amazing artists on there already.