Past!Kirsty: “Let’s make this a crowd scene! By the time I draw it I’ll love crowd scenes”

Present!Kirsty: “I hate you past self”

And you bet I just flashbacked you. Ha-HA!


In site news, I’ve switched the comment system to Disqus. You should still be able to use a WordPress acount to log into it if you want. Any issues contact me on social media or email me at kirsty at kirstymordaunt dot co dot uk.

I’ve also started putting the comic up on Tapastic, if you use it or have friends who do. It’s steadily updating a few pages a day and is still in Chapter One so far. Because of this, the prologue to mid-Chapter One pages which were all smaller from an older system I used, have all now been resized and updated to match the others on the website. Yay!


TWC vote piccy is a breakdown of Ysendra’s dressed up design