I was away on holiday this past week, so TWC vote incentive is a picture of the Derbyshire scenery. I need to work on my backgrounds a LOT more so I took a whole bunch for reference. Remember those old crappy backgrounds when they travelled to Wil’s house? It should look more like this. The middle of the country is definitely England inspired. because I love it.


Thank you so much to everyone who votes for me, You got me as high as 10 in the chart this month! You are all amazing and deserve cookies and other wonderful things. I never even thought I’d break the top 100! Not in a self deprecatory way – there are just a LOT of webcomics out there. So yeah, feel amazing. Because you are.


Oh, and in the second to last panel, we’re referring to some back history that may or may not ever get covered in the comic because I try to edit out stuff that isn’t necessary, because waiting for one page a week and getting a history infodump is pretty terrible. In short – the last major problem individual was a Weather Witch. They were eventually defeated by an inventor, which is one of the many reasons Weather Witches distrust Science.