How to show a girl a good time. 

Lots of work this week so I’m catching up on art and comic related stuff this week! I’d like to redo the Patreon.

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it’s basically a big old monthly tip jar for creators. Depending on how much you put in, you get different perks, as decided by each creator. Mine is very basic – I started it because a certain friend *coughTimcough* was nagging me to start one ;). But I’d like to develop it into something better.

Possible perks I could do include: exclusive wallpapers that patrons can vote/nominate subjects for, blog posts about what I’m reading/playing/watching, mini comics, streams, signed mini prints, original drawings. All these would be exclusive to the patreon and the people who sign up to it (perks depending on donation levels etc). I could do PDFs of the comic, but I need to work out how to do that first!

I’m also idly considering things like merch… I know for story based long format comics, merch can be a bit tricky. But I’d love myself a Science Girl tshirt.

This is what you lovely people voting me high in TWC does to me, it pushes me to try to do more with my comic! So thank you.

TWC today is an observational drawing I did this week – I need to do more of it, and I really want to develop my knowledge of clothing folds. No prizes given for guessing who this outfit reminded me of.