Happy New Year everyone! Any resolutions? Mine, for the comic, is to work on getting my buffer back. It’s not really a New Years one as such, it’s more a constant thing, and now I have less work hours I can try it.

Thank you, all, for your readership and support and awesomeness, especially those who vote on TWC and hang out in the comments, and most especially to those who support me on Patreon. I started this as a personal project and I never really thought people I didn’t know would find it and enjoy it this much! I’ll do my best to keep improving.

One tip for prospective webcomickers though –  for the love of god, don’t lock yourself into a story that goes on for years. I have regrets :P I should have started with short stories. Now my old artwork haunts me. ;)

In other news I’ve been playing with streaming on Twitch – I’ll usually announce when I’m going on via Tumblr and Twitter (links to the right). So if you’re interested in how I draw/just enjoy watching people do so, this is my channel.


TWC vote incentive has been updated with Ysendra doodles. Of course.