Q. How long is the comic?
A. Currently I estimate it at 800-1000 pages based on how many I have planned so far. I imagine it will take a few years to finish this unless it became a full time job.
EDIT: Due to my editing skills improving, it might just be shorter! We’ll see.

Q. What do you use to make the comic?
A. Paper, pencil, and Photoshop CS5. And a WACOM graphic tablet.
EDIT: I now draw the entire comic on Photoshop with my tablet!
EDITEDIT: Manga Studio 5 is now my program of choice (mostly for the line quality).

Q. Why are some of the older pages small/unfinished?
A. Because at the time I was making the comic that size/didn’t have time to finish them and I’d rather push the story forward than redraw a bunch of stuff you’d already seen!

Q. Do you know how to use WordPress?
A. No I blindly fumble until it works.

Q. Link exchange?
A. If your comic updates regularly, and you think we’re a good match, send me an email! kirsty (at) kirstymordauntdotcodotuk

Q. I made you fan art…
A. I LOVE YOU FOREVER. Send it to me! kirsty (at) kirstymordaunt.co.uk